How to get IT sector job in Canada – Easy to Find Job in Canada

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How to get IT sector job in Canada, The Information & Technology sector in Canada has always been a prominent industry. In recent years it’s on the boom. The IT industry contributes to the Canadian economy with about  $150 billion CAD per year.

No matter whether it’s foreigners or Canadian citizens, all wanted to join an IT sector job due to the high pay scale, suitable working time, & most importantly the productivity-based working environment.

In this article, you will get full guidance on how to get an IT sector job in Canada. From in-demand skills to experience, required documents to salary range & freshers jobs. So make sure you read till the end.

How to get IT sector job in Canada

To get an IT sector job in Canada of your choice requires many things such as education, skills, documents, and more. You would get to know about each of them respectively.

Education and skills requirements

To get an IT sector job in Canada you need a college program in computer science, computer programming, or network administration. In some cases, you need certificate and training provided by software vendors to meet job requirements.

Documents required to apply for an IT job in Canada

You will need following documents

  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Documents of Previous Employment
  • Identity Proof 

Source for applying the IT job

The mode for applying the IT job has changed completely. In 2023, you have multiple easy access ways to apply for the job. Online platforms like Linkedin have given access to reach the company’s HR and job poting updates.

So, you must apply through the right platform and ways. You can use Canadian job portal, social media, & company websites to apply for IT job and get quick responses as well.

IT jobs in Canada for Freshers

Along with experience jobs, there are plenty of IT jobs in Canada for freshers. You can find a job profile as per your interest and eligibility. The freshers can apply via the government of Canada website.

There are multiple job portals like Glassdoor, shine, etc where you can find recent IT job posting.

IT jobs in Canada with salary

In Canada, IT professionals are well paid. The amount of money you can make depends on job titles, skills, experience and your location. Most of the IT jobs are full-time, but there can also be contract base, part-time, and freelance jobs as well.

The average IT sector job in Canada offers a salary of more than $70,000 annually which is $36 per hour. In IT sector jobs, the salary ranges from $50,000 to $1,00,000 per year.

IT jobs salary in Canada by region

StateAverage Annual Salary
British Columbia$71,686
Prince Edward Island$75,000
Nova Scotia$67,928
New Brunswick$44, 850

IT jobs salary in Canada by job titles

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
IT Manager$95,000
Project Engineer$90,000
System Engineer$87,677
Program Manager$85,498
Design Engineer$82,429
Systems Analyst$77,009
Programmer Analyst$72,650
Service Technician$50,233
Field Technician$50,000

Types of IT jobs in Canada

There are dozens of IT jobs profiles in Canada on the basis of different qualifications and requirements. Before applying to any job you need to have a basic understanding of the role, industry and opportunity. 

A better understanding of current Canadian job market will help to find suitable jobs with realistic expectations.

According to Business Devlopment Bank of Canada(BDC), the tech industry growing significantly and it is estimated to grow by 22.4% between 2021-24. BDC has given a positive signal for jobs in IT. By the end of 2025 there will be 2.23 million jobs in digital economy.

Some of the major types of IT jobs in Canada are:

Business Systems Specialists

This is one of the most promising IT jobs in Canada. Anyone who is intrested in this profile can get good offer through the right way of application. For this role you need a Bachelor degree in computer science, information system, or a related discipline. In some cases certification or training is required through software vendors.

Job Profiles examples

  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Business Systems Consultant
  • Information Systems Business Analyst
  • Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst

Computer and Information System Managers

One who has interest in data, programming, and software are highly suitable for this IT job profile. To apply for this role you will need a bachler or master degree in computer science, commerce, or business administration.

Usually applicant need to have several years of experience in data administration, software engineering and computer programming.

Job profiles examples

  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Cloud Architect Manager
  • Business Systems Manager
  • Systems Devlopment Manager

Cybersecurity Specialists

If you have deep interest in internet world,and  internet security then cybersecurity specialists can be the best IT sector job in Canada. The pay scale is quite high relative to other IT sector jobs.

For this role you need bachler degree in computer security, computer science, or information system. In some cases applicant need to have certificate or training given by any software vendors.

Job profiles examples

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Informatics Security Analyst
  • Informatics Security Consultant
  • System Security Analyst

Software Engineers and Designers

One who has keen interest in programming, designing, and web devlopment are the most suitable for this IT sector job in Canada. To be eligible for this role you need a bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering, and computer systems engineering.

For some specific role you may need a master or doctoral degree. Software engineers belong to some of the most regulated professions in Canada so they need to have a licence from a territorial or provincial association of professional engineers.

Job profiles examples

  • Software Designer
  • Telecommunication Software engineer
  • Coud Operation Engineer
  • Application Architect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which city is the best for IT jobs in Canada?

Majorly all cities offers great opportunity for it jobs in canada, but the best cities to work in are:
Waterloo Region

What are the most in demand IT jobs in Canada?

The most in demand IT jobs in Canada as of 2023 are:
Data analyst/scientist
Business system analyst administrator
Quality assurance analyst
Security analyst/ architect
IT project manager
Network engineer
Cloud architect

How much does an IT professional earn in Canada?

According to Glassdoor, The average annual salary of an IT professional in Canada is $ 75,198.

Is it easy to get IT jobs offer in Canada?

In general, it depends on your skills expertise, and years of experience in any particular area of working. Anyone with skills and experience can find It jobs in Canada, but finding the best jobs for you can be the most difficult part.
Fortunately, on this website you will get various articles on how to get the best IT jobs in Canada.

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